Below you can find a selection of our options. Of course HorecaTouch has a lot of extra options. Can’t find a specific option? Do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Switch to another seller with one key
  • Identification via wristband
  • Adjustable rights per employee
  • Different table plans possible, as well as by name
  • Easy to enter discounts or for free
  • Clear order forms
  • Detailed reports, both daily and periodic, …
  • Options: Loyalty cards, create invoices, accounts with your own layout
  • Mobile Order & Pay & Print



Veemarkt 2
3700 Tongeren
T.: 012/26.29.50

Ambiotel uses the HorecaTouch cash registers in their Brasserie “Den Ambi”

Brasserie 's Gravenmolen

‘s Gravenmolenstraat 71
1850 Grimbergen
T.: 02/268.11.65

‘S Gravenmolen uses 5 HorecaTouch cash registers with mobile devices.

Hotel Orchidee

Aard 1
9880 Aalter
T.: 09/216.81.60

Horecatouch is responsible for the installation and maintenance of the entire computer park and the HorecaTouch POS systems.

D'ouwe hoeve

Dorpsstraat 48
9831 Deurle
T.: 09/282.32.52

D’Ouwe Hoeve uses a HorecaTouch cash register with kitchen printer and two mobile devices.

Brasserie Kommilfoo

Veurnestraat 83
8660 De Panne
T.: 058/41.28.58

‘Brasserie Kommilfoo” uses a cash register system with a kitchen and bar printer together with a mobile unit.

't Heuvelhof

Oostendestraat 394
8820 Torhout
T.: 050/21.50.01
F.: 050/22.32.86