Below you can find a selection of our options. Of course HorecaTouch has a lot of extra options. Can’t find a specific option? Do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Switch to another seller with one key
  • Identification via wristband
  • Adjustable rights per employee
  • Remarks / Linking supplements to articles (eg: Bickyburger without pickle)
  • Easy to enter discounts or for free
  • Clear order forms
  • VAT split, the cash register makes the calculation for you between takeout and on the spot
  • Detailed reports, both daily and periodic, …
  • Options: Loyalty cards, create invoices, accounts with your own layout


Frituur Black & White

Koolstraat 107
3800 Aalst
T.: 0475/52.00.46

Frituur De Markt

9160 Lokeren
T.: 0495/15.33.95


Bloemenlaan 9
9690 Kluisbergen
T.: 0495/60.44.44